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MYBC Consulting harnesses your key differentiators to promote your business in new, innovative ways.
By leveraging our different services such as Social Media management, Brand Ambassadorships, and the
‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) UP’ System, as well as creative new events and services, we put your brand on the forefront of
consumers’ minds.

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Demonstrating Products – Now Cooking With MYBC Consulting!

MYBC Consulting is now demonstrating products in exciting and new ways – one of those new ways is with its online cooking show!
Every show we go live, cooking up incredible dishes with some of the amazing products working with MYBC Consulting.
Tune in and check us out, or let us know if you have a product perfect for our show!

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Social Media Management With MYBC Consulting!

MYBC Consulting is now putting our unique system into action for you! We get your brand out there on social media using
creative posts and authentic messaging that is in line with your values and desired tone. We provide a friendly face
and a level of engagement that consumers are looking for from a brand such as yours. Lastly, we identify your target
market and engage with them at a higher level to maximize your exposure to interested constomers.

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Online Learning with MYBC Consulting

MYBC Consulting is now offering our amazing and powerful ‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) UP’ System training in a completely online format,
available for you to use some of our tried and tested methods to bring more customers and clients to you than before in this
tough time. Accessibility is something that we are passionate about, and so it is our hope that this helps all businesses.

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An Innovative Marketing Approach to
Connect to Your Customers

MYBC Consulting harnesses your key differentiators to promote your business in new, innovative ways. Find Out How

Brand Ambassadorships.

A brand ambassador is a person who is hired by an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness through social media and sales.

Need A Brand Ambassador?

‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) Up’

The ‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) Up’ System is about visibility into credibility into profitability! (Meeting your customer where THEY ARE!)

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Lunch and Learn.

We travel to local establishments, discover new locations, and learn authentic relationship building techniques.

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“When I am able to connect my story to be a chapter in your story, giving each other the ability to walk our paths with new knowledge, we are able to affect change in the world.”

Jeanette Y. Martin

MYBC Consulting harnesses your key differentiators to promote your business in new, innovative ways.

We are MYBC Consulting.


Making Your Business Count

We promote your business to key industry influencers and people who are waiting to love your products and services.

Motivating Your Business Colleagues

We help businesses motivate their teams through unique training programs and personalized customer service.


Maintaining Your Best Customers

We let your customers know what you’re up to and how your services continue to benefit them.

Minding Your Best Connections

We maintain and strengthen your industry connections to promote valuable business relationships.

Why does there have to be a fork in the road...

…when there can be a bridge?

How has MYBC built bridges with you?


MYBC Stories & Curiosities

JD Farms Brand Ambassador

JD Farms Brand Ambassador

Oh my goodness a dream has come true for me and my company MYBC Consulting! I have been JD Farms – Specialty Turkey Store & Bistro, Langley, BC the "unofficial President of the unofficial Fan Club" for JD Farms for years. As a consumer I love everything about how they...

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Writing My Next Chapters

Writing My Next Chapters

We all receive a blank infinite set of encyclopedias when we are born. How we write them is all up to you. Today I am placing on the shelf three volumes to my set and I place them along side the others in the Gratitude & Appreciation...

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