I need help! 

Now there is a sentence when someone says it your head, heart and hands snap to attention. That’s called being Human….we all like to be needed! 

MYBC Consulting will launch in to full service on January 2nd….insert much fanfare & celebration. A New Year to take my connections in a whole new direction, a New Year to introduce clients to Habitat for Humanity Projects & Services and a New Year to assist companies achieve their goals with my innovative approach.

The time has come to say ‘I Need Help!

Who wants to be the first builder, renovator or flooring store that wants to partner with MYBC Consulting on this journey….

To Change the Industry… One Family at a Time!  

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

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Mid Week

Mid week and what are you working on? As a new business owner the struggle is ‘where do I place my time?’ to achieve the biggest impact. 


Be relevant with your content! 

Be engaging with your content!

Be yourself with your content! 

What are you posting on Social Connection Media? 

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

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Mistakes happen…Really? 

Confession time I am not perfect…business is not perfect…life is not perfect. Whew and thank goodness for that! 

We all set out to do our very best for our work, for our customers and for ourselves and just when we think all is good a ‘mistake’ happens. We don’t plan for them how could we; what we do plan is for an experience of great intentions with providing excellence in customer service.

I am Sorry…..

The power of the apology…the forgive and move on…the reconciliation towards the resolution of the mistake and business goes on. 

Practice humility, be humble, and foremost remember we are human. 

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

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Cost verses Worth 

Cost involves your dollars and cents where worth involves your common sense. One you are thinking about the budget verses the overall value to you owning whatever it is you need. 

Now the challenge is how to determine the worth of a product or service. 

This is where MYBC Consulting is able to assist you and your business. One of my upcoming training programs will bring clarity to ‘Cost verses Worth’. 

Leave me a message….use your common sense! 

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

From Google….. Worth’s definition ‘the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated’.
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Family you do choose! 

The standard philosophy out there is ‘You can’t pick your family but you can your friends’ I say hogwash! Family may come along by blood relation, or be blended together or they just have always been there. However, there are people who once you are introduced to you you instantly know these people will become your Family. 

I have surrounded myself with a family of business people who look out for my well being, who care about what’s going on in my world and who will support my visions because that’s what families do! 

I trust these business family relationships; they are based upon a set of core values, mutual respect, and love for what we are to each. We chose each other to build our family! 

MYBC Consulting will help you build your family… what is stopping you from becoming part of the family!

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

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Black Friday 

Today is Black Friday… the day retailers “hope” to sell a large quantity of goods at low prices to put their ledger books is the black. Who came up with this concept that racing to the bottom with low prices will land you on top? It always baffles me when my clients want the lowest price BUT expect the highest quality…where I went to school this math doesn’t add up. 

Somewhere part of the transaction is going to suffer in quality, or suffer in misunderstanding or suffer in not meeting the clients expectations…it has to! 

My thoughts are more geared to ‘Return It Tuesday’! A made up term I coined today because when you truly look at your purchases over the weekend regrets set in due to your NEEDS weren’t met…you bought based on a WANT! 

Take back control of your purchases by only dealing with a professional, knowledgeable, and trusted sales person whose core responsibility to satisfy YOUR expectations. 

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

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What are you thankful for?

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