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Brand (noun)

A name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.  Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising.

Ambassadorship (noun)

An authorized messenger or representative.

Brand Ambassador.

MYBC Brand Ambassadorships

A brand ambassador is a person who is hired by an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness through social media  and sales. The brand ambassador is meant to embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics.

brand ambassador is employed by a company or organization to help raise brand awareness and increase sales. They complete a variety of tasks ranging from promoting products or services in-store to implementing social media marketing campaigns. They are also known as influencers or corporate ambassadors

Plnt Life

We’ve lived an active plant-based lifestyle for over 33+ years while coaching many plant-curious brands & companies through their transition. We walk our walk and have mastered the art of delicious and nutritious plant-based recipes and commercial ready formulations. We care because the more brands that go plant-based the healthier, happier, greener and safer humanity, animals and the planet will become. We are on a mission to inspire plant-based living one SKU at a time.



Viva Cacao

Viva Cacao is about delicious and nutritious alchemy. We pack our bars with antioxidant rich superfoods from around the world. Always ethically sourced, always plant-based, and always irresistible. Created for the dairy-free peeps who still like things on the creamy and sweet side. You get all the rich flavour and splendour of milk chocolate, without the dairy or refined sugar!



Berri Fresh

At Berri Fresh, we are committed to harvesting high-quality blueberries and cranberries and fostering a strong connection between the health of people and the planet. With our fresh berries we produce farm to bottle nutritious and delicious cold pressed juices while maintaining eco-friendly practices that contribute to the longevity of our environment.




We are here to embody our values of great tasting food, that is ethically produced, locally sourced, good for the planet and fun! At oomé we are committed to simple ingredients and making tofu shine from the inside out!



Natural Farmworks

Our adventure into tea has an unparalleled origin that started many years ago when Brad set out to grow and produce barely greens on his farm to supplement his diet that focused on mitigating Crohn’s disease. His journey resulted in a vertically integrated company that became one of the largest producers of barley greens in North America.



Avafina Organics

At Avafina, we believe in living in harmony with all beings with honoring the cycle of nature. We are committed to providing you food that makes you feel good, while being sustainable for the planet, so the love can continue to spread.

Avafina Organics offer a line of Seeds, Gluten Free Flours, Spices and Seaweed to help you along your journey of rediscovering ingredients and food that have been minimally processed.



Magic Malts in Canada

Imagined in India, Brewed in Canada. BAADSHAH Lager now available!
Craft beers with a desi twist. 🍻


A taste of France in Vancouver

The story of Olivier’s Breads cannot be told without the story of it’s founder Olivier Audibert and his unrelenting passion to the slow-fermentation process.

Olivier, his wife Valerie and their four children arrived from France in 2008 after running a ‘boulangerie’
in Southern France for several years. In 2009, Olivier’s Breads opened and kindly introduced Western Canada’s taste buds to authentic French Artisan Bread.
At Olivier’s Breads, all our creations are allowed to come to life naturally with the ‘Long-Fermentation Process’ which has been used in Europe for centuries. We call that Slow Crafted. Our master bakers are from France and refuse to compromise on the artistry of our breads and pastries.

There are never any chemical preservatives, GMO grain or high gluten elements in our bread.


Mangia e Scappa in Fort Langley

Giulia is an Interior Designer specializing in residential projects who has a passion for cooking, and a love for keeping Traditional Family Recipes alive.

Giulia’s parents come from a small village in the South of Italy, called Figline, Calabria. Her relatives still own the bakery with the wood burning ovens that supply the bread daily in Calabria. She was raised with all the wonderful traditions her parents were brought up with. Every season, holiday and occasion had its own special recipes. At certain times of the year it was customary to make tomato sauce in batches of 100s, harvesting mushrooms by the bushels and bread-making which the whole family was expected to take part in. Giulia is all about Italian tradition.

Mangia e Scappa is a definite stop to place your orders for authentic, homemade breads, pizzas, lasagnas and many other tasty dishes! Our goal is to help families with busy lifestyles, enjoy healthy, fresh, Italian food.


Stressed Verses Success

Coach Steve’s Life has been in TWO Distinct Halves…
The FIRST Half, from age 5 to 33, Really Sucked and Then, Sadly, His Dad Died…

The SECOND Half has been Absolutely Amazing…
His life was a mess and so Steve went to work on himself first, creating a “Survival” System for himself back in 1993. Then, others used it – and it worked for them too. And now some 30 Years later, over 10,000 People have used the Conceive – Believe & Achieve! System and are thriving. Steve went from Mess to Messenger! Since then, Master Certified Coach Steve has devoted his entire life to Helping People with Life Mastery!


Fort Langley Community Events Association

We are a collective of independent Fort Langley community groups and organizations which collaborate together to support one another and the community of Fort Langley.
The purposes of the society are:
• To support and promote Fort Langley and area based events and initiatives
• To share information, resources and ideas within the membership.
Fort Langley Community Event Association FLCEA.



Thank you to all who helped make this service happen, especially:the Fort Langley Remembrance Day Committee, Aldor Acres, the Langley Scouting & Guiding movement, Living Waters Church, St. George’s Anglican Church, The United Churches of Langley.



The mandate of the Fort Langley Community Association (FLCA) is to represent the opinions of the residents and businesses of Fort Langley to the Township Council and others and to provide the residents with information about issues of importance to the Village.

The Fort Langley Community Association members are the residents, owners and operators of businesses in Fort Langley Village, or those living within the Fort Langley Elementary School catchment area. A Board of up to 13 Directors is elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting each year, the date of which is published at least two weeks in advance.



We Had a Gut Feeling
Squamish Water Kefir Co. was born in 2015 and continues to be brewed by a couple of nutrition-nerds, Sabrina and Kristin, who live with their wildling children (who are serious water kefir addicts), surrounded and inspired by the beautiful mountains of Squamish, BC.

Water kefir aligns with our principles of natural, good ole’-fashioned, time-tested, simple, home kitchen health practices.

The company has grown from the small kitchen party operation of yesteryear, though we will never outgrow the valued opinions gained by making friends, family, and the neighbourhood children our guinea pigs. We are proud of this product and its ability to bring healthy probiotics, and digestive enzymes to kitchen tables in our community, and beyond.



A Note from Sarah
My son was my inspiration for starting up FreeYumm. Seeing him excluded from sharing food with friends was an everyday experience and it was difficult to watch. And it wasn’t just my son… there are so many kids now that have various and numerous food restrictions, and they were all being left out. I was determined to find a fun, healthy way to make delicious food inclusive!


Howzbout – Chief Relationship Officer

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jeanette Y. Martin as our Chief Relationship Officer at Howzbout!

I just wanted to take some time to thank you for joining our team and bringing that much needed ‘L.I.F.T.’ that most startups need at one point or another. Your experience, mindset, energy, and reach has and will help wonders with achieving the metrics we need to successfully fund-raise! But the part that I admire the most is that you walk the walk opposed to simply suggestions things & wiping your hands of it. You’re a true team player and an extremely passionate worker.
As I listen to you speak or seeing your presence on social media, I love the genuine connecting that you do with people because that’s what Helena is all about – so people can spend less time on their phones searching/planning, and more time enjoying the perfect experiences with the people they wanna be around; for whatever they’re looking for! The fact that you personally fit this mission makes me/us really happy. So thank you again for all the work that you’ve done so far and I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with you as we grow Helena into the massive success that we know it can be.

Aidan Veseling Founder & COO



NALEDO is a social enterprise founded by mother- daughter team Umeeda and Nareena Switlo. Being a better business for better lives means sourcing sustainably and partnering with hundreds of small-scale growers to ensure we have a positive impact from forest to fridge.


Mado Seasonings

100% Healthy!
Family Recipe Passed Down Generations
I dedicate this site to my Mom and Dad, who have inspired me with my cooking, and also to my children and grandchildren, who savour each and every meal I prepare for them.


Cranberries Naturally Inc.

Cranberries Naturally Inc. has been in business since 1999. We specialize in all natural and locally made Cranberry Products…


Canadian Heritage Roasting Company

Canadian Heritage Roasting Company is built by the wilderness that drives it. We meticulously marry fresh and bold coffee with the urge to explore. Our methods and values were forged from our experiences as wildland firefighters. Since then, the company’s foundation continues to grow and evolve during backyard BBQs, weekend mountain adventures, cold ones with friends and late nights under star-filled skies.


Calgary Heritage Roasting Company

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company is built by the wilderness that drives it. We meticulously marry fresh and bold coffee with the urge to explore. The company found its inspiration over a percolated cup of coffee on a backpacking trip one morning in the rolling hills of Alberta, Canada. Our methods and values were forged from our experiences as wildland firefighters. Since then, the company’s foundation continues to grow and evolve during backyard BBQs, weekend mountain adventures, cold ones with friends and late nights under star-filled skies.


Torill’s Table – Healthy Indulgences

Founder Torill Myre has spent years perfecting her initial product, a waffle mixture for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or any time of day! Based on a traditional Norwegian recipe, Torill has developed her waffle mix to be both delicious, and healthy – made with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, flaxseed meal and ground almonds, Torill’s Table waffles are definitely a comfort food with real health benefits. At the heart of Torill’s recipe and philosophy of bringing loved ones together around good, healthy food, is the Norwegian concept of Kos.


JD Farms Turkey

Jack & Debbie Froese are the founders of JD Farms Specialty Turkey Farm, a family-run producer of specialty turkeys located in the beautiful Fraser Valley at Langley, BC, Canada. For over thirty years, JD Farms Specialty Turkey has been offering a diverse range of nutritious and wholesome meal solutions in the traditional country-style deli and bistro, as well as supplying whole turkeys to families and retailers in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions. In the past 8 years their children Jason and Marilyn have taken over the General management of the Farm & store with help from their sister Jennifer Huttema.


Connect Now Business Network

Connect Now was create because we need each other to fulfill our purpose. Life as an entrepreneur can be isolating, and Connect Now is where you can find your circle of support, business owner to business owner, professional to professional, person to person.  The group is for making connections, exchanging referrals, and enriching the community. Connect Now offers opportunities for meeting other professionals and business owners through business networking meetups and professional development events. Invite a fellow entrepreneur! All business owners and professionals are welcome. When we invite others, we all benefit. Click here to see our list of events.


Kaslo Sourdough Pasta

Kaslo Sourdough is a second generation family business located in the West Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada.
Gabi and Silvio immigrated to Canada from Germany, bringing their taste passion for good food with them. Together, they have successfully run the Kaslo Sourdough Bakery for over twenty years, improving recipes, trying different combinations of seeds and flours, and fundamentally changing bread in the West Kootenays. They continue being food innovators, and work with both head and heart.


Ethical Flooring

Ethical Flooring is a family-owned and operated retail flooring store based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Our specialty is the supply and installation of brand-name flooring for residential renovations and custom-built homes; in addition we also do work on small-to-medium sized commercial projects, rental properties, as well as offering material-only sales to those with their own installer.

Ethical Flooring provides both the highest quality floors, and the most professional people, in the industry; please browse through the profiles of our team below and learn for yourself what makes us unique.


Buddy With a Truck

In 2015 I decided to take a break and for the first time in my adult life I worked for someone other than myself. I took a job as a shelter worker at the Salvation Army Gateway of hope and then Chilliwack Society For Community Living, these were very rewarding jobs and it was a great opportunity to give back. I decided that I would never work for myself again. I had a pickup truck so on the side I started helping people move stuff and then everyone started asking me to move this and take this away and of course I found myself back into my entrepreneurial state of mind and thought “everyone needs a Buddy with a truck”

I am now running Buddy With A Truck Inc, we currently have two trucks and covered trailers and one 16 foot cube van for small moves.


LBE Naturals

LBE is a natural spice loving company with a unique blend of seasonings that are inspired by cultural traditions as well a few of our own . Our blends combine the elements of aroma, texture, flavour and are combined from across the globe. Our vision is to introduce an audience to flavour profiles that bring out the best in your meals. Our daily lives continue to inspire us daily with our family , our friends, Spice inspires us to create unique ingredients with a taste we can remember for a lifetime.

Launching a new spice brand in today’s very competitive market is hugely challenging and equally rewarding. You have to offer something truly unique, of the highest quality and delicious. With our easy to use flavour packets we know you will enjoy our spice combinations. So our task is not just to show the outstanding benefits of our products but to show you how to use them and add your style to your favorite dishes. After all it really is about you.


Ronald Allan Clothiers

Ronald Allan Clothiers was established in 1953 with a number of changes over the last 65 years to bring us to our current location at 33428 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC.

Our current location main floor has 5000 sq.ft. of retail space divided equally between Women’s and Men’s fashions. We have an additional 5000 sq.ft. on the lower level for receiving, stock prep, tailoring, warehouse, staff and office areas.

Our styles range from casual, business casual, to corporate and special occasion. From jeans to formal.


Donna Van Beek Notary

Quality, Personalized Service

Buying a house marks a life milestone; likewise, the decision to make a Will often results from a major life change or event. Although exciting, we understand that, for many people, making these types of decisions can also be quite overwhelming and, even, downright daunting. So, we’ve made it our mission to help!

We provide efficient service, clear direction and helpful guidance in a relaxed setting. We will be your advocate and will promise you fair, honest service and valuable advice. We don’t take your trust for granted, so we want you to feel comfortable with us and with your legal process. This is why we don’t just prepare and register your documents – we strive to ensure that you fully comprehend all documents that you sign with us and that you understand what your legal process will entail. Our clients have appreciatively declared their interactions with us to be “completely painless,” easy and enjoyable, which is why they keep coming back!


Small Business Services.

MYBC Customer Small Business Services


Financing Helps You

We understand that time is of the essence for small business owners so we are committed to providing fast and flexible financing solutions.

Applying for traditional business financing can take several days. You’ve got better things to do. Our process takes less than 10 minutes. Need a one-time loan you’ll pay back in 6 months or a revolving line of credit? We have the right financing option for your business. Have a question? Not a problem! We’re here to help. You’ll get a dedicated lending advisor to help you navigate the application process.

Information: Download PDF
Information: Apply Now


Search and Shop Local

Did you know that the Greater Langley area is home to more than 8400 businesses, most of which are locally-owned and operated ‘independent’ businesses?
Neither did we when we first started Not only did we not know how many businesses there were, we had no idea just how many products and services were available locally that we had been driving to other communities to purchase or ordering online.

It turned out that pretty much anything we needed could be found in our own backyard with some ‘digging’, but it required more effort than most people were willing to spend to find out what was available. At the same time, big box stores and online mega stores with more marketing power were capturing customers’ purchases and drawing them in and away from the downtown core and local independent businesses.

Website: ShopLangley

Customer Engagement & Demo Coordinator.

MYBC Customer Engagement & Demo Coordinator

Brockmann’s Chocolates

It all started in the 1930s with Willibald ‘Willy’ Brockmann, a master confectioner trained in Cologne, Germany. He and a business partner opened a small confectionary shop in Munich in 1934, specializing in pastries, cakes, and handmade truffles. Willy later opened his own Conditerei Café Brockmann on the outskirts of Munich on the site of an old gravel pit. He managed the café with his wife Elizabeth and they were celebrated for their delectable sweets and treats crafted from quality ingredients. The café soon became a landmark in the community.  Today, Brockmann’s Chocolates Truffini and Crunchetti brands are sold throughout British Columbia and in major retailers across North America. The family business now includes Kathrin Brockmann – a third generation chocolatier – still guided by Willy’s faithful commitment to quality and using only the freshest, natural ingredients.


Nonna Pias Balsamic Reductions

Chef Norm honed his cooking skills and great taste for food at a very young age, gleaning almost everything he knew from his mother Pia (“Nonna Pia” to his children). Back then, Pia would always say to him…”Norman, you need to learn how to cook because when you grow up you may marry someone who cannot cook”. As Mothers always know best, the passing of time had proven Nonna Pia correct. Norm ended up marrying Natasha who is great at many things…cooking not being one of them. Because of Nonna Pia’s insightful wisdom and her patience in teachings, Chef Norm wanted to name the company after his mother, and that is how ”Nonna Pia’s Gourmet Sauces” was born in November of 2010.


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