A Poem

Knowledge this the basis of humanity 

Individual acts change the world’s view

Need beyond all else in life starts with it

Doing it imprints on your soul rightfullness

Now more then ever people will feel your acts of authenticity 

Emotionally able to heal and lift spirits 

Selflessness leads others to do likewise

Society, community and planet become a better place 

In gratitude 

Jeanette Y. Martin 

Participation verses Showing Up 

In school these days there are ribbons given out just for participating in a sport or a science fair or school function. I often wonder why schools do this… does it motivate the student to attend or does it do something for their self esteem?  

Now as an adult if you just participate in your life’s work without layering on the ‘showing-up’ portion good luck in achieving your goals. 

Showing-up goes beyond the job  description,  showing-up is doing something out of the ordinary for your client, showing-up is knowing why you chose to become whatever you are in business or life. No-one gives you a ribbon, or medal or certificate when you show-up…what YOU ARE GIVEN is RESPECT! 

Everyday be the ‘present’ for the people you meet by wrapping yourself in ‘show’ and you will be rewarded by how your sells, client base and life experiences go UP! 

Yours in gratitude 

Jeanette Y. Martin 

What now? 

Many, many times I started my day with a ‘what if I do this’ or ‘what if I did that’ or ‘what if this happens’ or ‘what if, what if, what if??’ This began my day with the feeling of I am going to allow outside forces to control my journey. Places me stuck is someone else’s rut! 

How about spinning that around and ask yourself ‘What now?’…..Whoa the possibilities created open the roads, clears the way, puts you in charge of every situation in your path. 

What now takes care of ‘SELF’ a hard pill to swallow for some. Much wisdoms have been said ‘if you don’t take care of yourself….how will you take care of others?’ Or ‘It all begins with Me’. Think of this not as selfish but selfless as when you hold your head high in confidence, your body standing tall, your spirit is soaring…..What Now my friend…..WHAT NOW??? 

In gratitude 


Why We Remember 

To remember is to show you care, to remember is to embrace love, to remember is to acknowledge a person, and to remember is to respect the past. 

We all have our life’s moments where we permanently imprint on our souls a special occasion… the first meeting of your partner, the birth of a child or children, the job you always wished for or when you came into your own as a person. We call these memories, the time we get to reflect what has happened to US in OUR world. 

On one day a year on November 11th at thee eleventh hour of thee eleventh minute we STOP in remembrance of ALL the men and women who fought for OUR country Canada. Lest We Forget this sacrifice of humanity…. For today WE are Free to create many more moments of Love, Joy and Grace.

In gratitude,


The Power of the Ask! 

One of my passions in Life is helping others be it belonging to community organizations or volunteer in serving a hot meal to a street friend or just being a good friend. What constantly amazes me is when I ASK for help, a donation, a favour or a hug how people show me their generosity. The way I see it when they are able to observe your authentic ASK they can’t not want to help. This always rings true in my business with regards to relationship building. When I provide the right product, the right service or the right price to a client and ASK for their buy into it they say YES! Why because I authentically care….pretty simple! 

Be aware customers Always will see through you when all you  want to do is make a sale.

Be yourself, Be authentic and Be in the Power of the YES! 

Grand Opening of Habitat for Humanity Restore Chilliwack, BC 

I am thrilled to be partnering with this World Organization in the role of Building Materials Coordinator for Upper Fraser Valley. 

Our goal is to assist families around the global with home ownership through the generosity of our communities. 

Join us on Nov 12th at 9am for the Grand Opening of the newest Restore location Chilliwack BC…you might just be surprised what you find inside. Habitat for Humanity


Being Present…the greatest gift. 

When my friends, family and colleagues ask me why I have chosen to pursue this dream of consultanting to the the building industry…one theme keeps coming up for me. Presence is a gift….a gift I have to give every time I meet someone new. To me life is precious, life is short, and life is full! When we are presence for one and another devoid of all the clutter of social media, chatter of TV or radio or worrying about emails to answer or call make and we look to the person in front of you and we value the present to us….themselves! 

We are human being….not human doings!