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Course Outline:

​Jeanette Y. Martin is energetic about helping others share their true authentic story with the world and in helping them make true, authentic connections on social media and in their communities. She shows people how to take their “in-real-life” business skills and apply them to today’s online, social media world

She lives by three core values: connectioncollaboration, and community.

She connects people within her extensive personal and professional network and is an active member and advocate for several local networking groups, businesses, and organizations. Jeanette also provides 1-on-1 training and support to help fellow business owners overcome their fear of social media by teaching them how to make genuine interactions on social platforms.

She helps businesses to connect with their target audience on a more authentic level with her ‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) UP’ system. Using this system, she helps business owners overcome their fear of social media, by showing them how to make true and genuine connections that really matter. Though her program she lifts you up, so you can learn to lift yourself up, so we can ultimately lift each other up.

She collaborates with several local and global brands as a brand ambassador and prides herself in leading with her heart; so much so that some customers think she owns the business. Jeanette brings her true self to help attract customers at customer engagement demos at tradeshows and in-store displays. She doesn’t hide behind a table like others but comes out in front to bring people in and uses her social and relationship-building experience to help promote these businesses.

She is also community-passionate. Jeanette supports her local community by regularly volunteering with Nightshift Ministries to serve food to those living on the streets in her community. She also supports her global community as a loving sponsor of 2 children in El Salvador and Ethiopia through Compassion Canada.

Jeanette will do anything to help make your dreams a reality. She feels pure joy in being a small part of your larger life story. She believes that when she has a solution or connection for someone it doesn’t do the world any good if she doesn’t make those connections for people.

Jeanette is a person who shows up for others and helps people realize their dreams.

Creating Your W5 Story

This short but powerful session will prepare you for other social media classes in our program, by helping your define your: who / what / where / and, why!


Learn why the business world’s movers and shakers use LinkedIn to find the right connections, look for collaboration opportunities and build a community around the global.


Build Your Personal Profile to create your Company Profile. Learn about the rule of “Like, Know & Trust” on Facebook.


Learn how to build a business profile, start conversations, trends and make connections to influential business people.


How to create a professional business profile; post content to get followers; up your engagement and learn the tips to selling and relationship building on this highly visual social media platform.

Alexander College

Alexander College is a private post-secondary institution serving approximately 2,000 students every year. Alexander College offers a variety of undergraduate degree and transfer programs [see Programs] including University Transfer, Associate of Arts degree and Associate of Science degree. An integrated English for Academic Purposes program is also available to assist non-native English speakers with their transition to university level studies in the English language.

Alexander College is recognized and accredited by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Degree Quality Assurance Board (DQAB), BC Education Quality Assurance (EQA) program, and is a proud participant in the BC Transfer System, organized by the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT).

The academic year has four terms: Fall (Sept-Dec), Winter (Jan-Apr), Spring (May-July) and Summer intensive (July-Aug).

Striveworks Learning Institute

Each student at STRIVEWORKS has a personal, customized path that is specifically built for their goals, skill level and pace. Regardless of where they are located around the world, our students receive quality education from qualified teachers who are always available through online channels. We’re here to provide the flexible learning experience you need.

We provide the high-quality, flexible and personalized education you deserve.

To join our growing community, review the admissions information and begin the enrollment process today.

Fraser Valley Continuing Education

Fraser Valley Continuing Education (formerly Langley Continuing Education) is now in a larger space! Our upstairs office, 10-seat boardroom, and computer lab is in the same complex as our multipurpose classroom, just across the parking lot.

Our multipurpose classroom location is: Suite 104, 20641 Logan Ave in downtown Langley.

Our computer lab, boardroom, and main office location is: Suite 204, 20621 Logan Ave in downtown Langley.

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