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Jeanette Y. Martin

Jeanette Y. Martin


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Where does the story of Jeanette Y. Martin start? My beginning is being part of a large family of nine; two sisters & four brothers and I sit right smack in the middle of all of them and what a lucky position for sure! Why you might ask? I grew up with the understanding of compromise; I saw how a large group of people corporate; I was taught we all must do our part in our family and in life; and the most important lesson my parents instilled in us kids…” Without a Customer…You have Nothing!”

That message drove me to my chosen career a as Sales Professional for many of the top companies in Canada. From a deli counter girl, at family deli, serving world class gourmet goodies to the position of Director of Sales & Marketing with the responsibility of assisting clients with their purchase of the finest Canadian made hardwood flooring for their homes…. Wow, now that is a diversified Sales Life!

The next chapter of my Sales Professional career is the introduction of MYBC Consulting; a company where I will approach businesses with innovative techniques to assist store owners/managers to hire, to train and to build authentic relationships with both their internal and external customer.

My approach to business is “If you want a different result….be Different”

Change the Industry……One Family at a Time!

Jeanette’s “love of wood” and her eye for colour made selecting a wood floor just right for this condo an enjoyable, positive experience. Jeanette is always professional, was enthusiastic, upfront, reliable and available.

A Happy Customer

Jeanette Y. Martin is on the Board of Directors for the BCFCA: British Columbia Floor Covering Association

The BC Floor Covering Association (BCFCA) was incorporated December 17th 1959 as an association to serve both the commercial and residential sectors of the floor covering industry in British Columbia, Canada. The BCFCA and its province-wide membership of flooring dealers, manufacturers and distributors are dedicated to continuously raising the standards of excellence in the carpet, hardwood, resilient, laminate, cork and bamboo floor covering industries.

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We are all about authenticity - from your brand to your business experience. Do you want to learn how to be a writer in your clients story instead of the taker of their order? MYBC Consulting makes that possible.

Being Present

The Greatest Gift

When my friends, family and colleagues ask me why I have chosen to pursue this dream of consultanting to the the building industry…one theme keeps coming up for me. Presence is a gift….a gift I have to give every time I meet someone new. To me life is precious, life is short, and life is full! When we are presence for one and another devoid of all the clutter of social media, chatter of TV or radio or worrying about emails to answer or call make and we look to the person in front of you and we value the present to us….themselves!

We are human being….not human doings!

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