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Jeanette Y. Martin … She does business differently!

Jeanette Y. Martin

Jeanette Y. Martin


The Three C’s according to Me.


Jeanette Y. Martin is energetic about helping others share their true authentic story with the world and in helping them make true, authentic connections on social media and in their communities. She shows people how to take their “in-real-life” business skills and apply them to today’s online, social media world

She lives by three core values: connection, collaboration, and community.

She connects people within her extensive personal and professional network and is an active member and advocate for several local networking groups, businesses, and organizations. Jeanette also provides 1-on-1 training and support to help fellow business owners overcome their fear of social media by teaching them how to make genuine interactions on social platforms.

She helps businesses to connect with their target audience on a more authentic level with her ‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) UP’ system. Using this system, she helps business owners overcome their fear of social media, by showing them how to make true and genuine connections that really matter. Though her program she lifts you up, so you can learn to lift yourself up, so we can ultimately lift each other up.

She collaborates with several local and global grands as a brand ambassador and prides herself in leading with her heart; so much so that some customers think she owns the business. Jeanette brings her true self to help attract customers at customer engagement demos at tradeshows and in-store displays. She doesn’t hide behind a table like others but comes out in front to bring people in and uses her social and relationship-building experience to help promote these businesses.

She is also community-passionate. Jeanette supports her local community by regularly volunteering with Nightshift Ministries to serve food to those living on the streets in her community. She also supports her global community as a loving sponsor of 2 children in El Salvador and Ethiopia through Compassion Canada.

Jeanette will do anything to help make your dreams a reality. She feels pure joy in being a small part of your larger life story. She believes that when she has a solution or connection for someone it doesn’t do the world any good if she doesn’t make those connections for people.

Jeanette is a person who shows up for others and helps people realize their dreams.

Anatomy Of A Logo

Who we are and what makes us tick

Three Mountains

These mountains signify how we connect Your Business to Your Customer to Our Community.

Upwards Line

Our business journey starts on this road - we will walk along it together with all of its twists and curves.

Two Lines Together

We will walk this road together, side by side; starting near the bottom and working our way up.

Blue Water

The flowing water signifies that we are in constant motion, able to adapt to all circumstances.

Border Around

This is all encompassing and done so with Love, Respect and Loyalty, building authentic relationships.

White Space

There are opportunities to grow and fill this space with what is meaningful to each person.

Jeannette is a pleasure to work with and be around. She is very positive and has the can-do attitude. Her work ethic is fantastic and very detailed oriented to make sure the customer is happy. She is one of the good people in the hardwood flooring industry.

Brandon Spearman

President, Spearhead Marketing Inc.

Jeanette Y. Martin is on the Board of Directors for the BCFCA: British Columbia Floor Covering Association

The BC Floor Covering Association (BCFCA) was incorporated December 17th 1959 as an association to serve both the commercial and residential sectors of the floor covering industry in British Columbia, Canada. The BCFCA and its province-wide membership of flooring dealers, manufacturers and distributors are dedicated to continuously raising the standards of excellence in the carpet, hardwood, resilient, laminate, cork and bamboo floor covering industries.

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Being Present

The Greatest Gift

When my friends, family and colleagues ask me why I have chosen to pursue this dream of consultanting to the the building industry…one theme keeps coming up for me. Presence is a gift….a gift I have to give every time I meet someone new. To me life is precious, life is short, and life is full! When we are presence for one and another devoid of all the clutter of social media, chatter of TV or radio or worrying about emails to answer or call make and we look to the person in front of you and we value the present to us….themselves!

We are human being….not human doings!

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