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Thank you builds business…be Sorry no-more!

Thank you builds business…be Sorry no-more!

The messages that we receive make all the difference to us. Thank you for reaching out!!

Hi Jeanette! We both are part of Teri Hollands FB group. For some reason I felt the need to check out your website and what you do after I had commented on your post 🙂 I never just randomly view every person’s website I talk to on FB. But I wanted to check yours for some reason lol. First, your website is very clean and easy to read! I loved it. When I started to see your writing about customer relationships and how valuable customers are as try help us build our business. I saw me in your writing!! I took a Customer Experience Management course last year and it really was meant for me. I get told all the time how good I am with customers and have customers and clients thanking me for how I treated them. Reason I am writing to you is I finally found someone that actually writes about the importance of customers. People are just so quick to get to the sale without taking the time to build the relationship, fact find, etc. I am going to start building my blog on this topic alone. Customer journey mapping, etc. PS…your FB page is great too having actual pics of people and not just graphics. I would love to keep in contact with you as I know you have inspired me just in 5 minutes lol. Sorry for the long message! Kerri

Hi Kerri! 😀 thank you for your long message….much like you build a relationship …one true and authentic takes time. Within this time the value is built for a lifetime! And here is a lesson for you…”never say ‘sorry’ unless you truly made a mistake where you learned a lesson afterwards. Instead come with ‘thank you for reading my long message’ this gives the reader the opportunity to feel your gratitude in your words and give the same opportunity to say you are welcome. In this welcome response provides you the permission to keep contact with me. This is all about the gratitude economy exchange time for increased value… you will see this subject on my website soon 😀 and awesauce you GET customer service as a professional path….best ever when are of service to others in kindness Jeanette

This is Reality

This is Reality

4 things in life that are the most valuable:

We all need water – the planet needs water – to survive. How cool would it be that when you met a customer, friend, someone on the street, and you gave them a bottle of water, that’s their basic need for life.

Human Interaction.
We need to see smiling faces, and crying babies, for us to see the energy from the world around us … can you imagine giving someone a smile, how good the world would be?

I happen to know my birth date, I never want to know my death date. How do I exchange my precious time with my business, community, and friends, to add value to their lives. This is why my tagline is “Changing the industry … one family at a time” is because it starts with family, whatever your definition of family is.

When it relates to friendships… how does your friend like to be hugged? How do they like their cup of coffee? How does your customer like to be communicated with? How does the world like to be treated, with what you know, and how you can effect change. All the rest of life’s “things”, like oil, platinum, plutonium… they really don’t matter.

God made us of matter… so we can matter to someone else in the world.

Torill’s Table

Torill’s Table

We are thrilled to be working with Torill’s Table. It’s the first time at Canadian Health Food Association. Torill’s Table brings Norwegian Waffle & Pancake mix to the trade show Feb 24/25.
Drop by for a taste of a heart shaped gluten free waffle made with love

Mubbles and Bubble Tea Go!

Mubbles and Bubble Tea Go!

We are so excited to announce that Mubbles and Bubble Tea Go are part of the MYBC Family!

Juicy Mubble bubbles explode in your mouth with a flood of flavour, and you can put them in so many different recipes!
When I first tried them, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and they exceeded any expectations that I did have! I first tried them after meeting Therese when I was last in Quebec and I’ve been hooked ever since… I just had to bring them to the west coast.

The flavours come in mango, blueberry, strawberry and green apple. I love that you can eat them straight from the container (after draining them of course), and adding them to deserts, drinks, foods, you name it!

BUT WAIT, there’s more!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Therese showed me “Bubble Tea Go” – Delicious Bubble Tea with Mubbles!! It takes less than a minute to make and it. is. delicious.

“Bubble Tea Go: 1 drink, 1,001 ways to enjoy it!
Our delicious drinks are a big hit for any occasion: an evening with friends, an afternoon spent relaxing by the pool, a children’s party.
No matter what the event, you can take out your Bubble Tea Go box and savour a delicious and refreshing bubble tea in less than a minute!
Find all our products at Metro supermarkets, candy shops, fine grocery stores and teashops all over Quebec. Try one today!”

List of items to Donate

Pre-Hung Panelled Doors
Vinyl Windows
Power and Hand Tools
Kitchen Cabinets
Bathroom Vanities
Building Material
New Flooring more than 120 sq. ft.
Mistinted Paint
Low Flow Toilets

We take much more, so contact us with any item you may wish to donate


x Non-flat screen TVs
x Entertainment Centres
x Sunshine Ceilings
x Flat Panel Doors
x Aluminium / Wood Windows
x Hide a Beds
x Soaker/Jetted/Corner Tubs
x Less than 120 sq. ft. flooring
x Car seats
x Pet Toys
x Exercise Equipment
x Used Curtains
x Moulding under 3 feet
x Opened/Used Paint
x Shower Doors
x Luggage
x Toilets that are not white, clean, complete and low flush
x Partial/Open Bags/Buckets of building materials
x Vertical/Used Blinds
x Clothing

*Any item may be rejected due to quality, space in our store and current consumer demand. Please contact our staff to confirm that we can take your donation.*

email me at

-In gratitude

Jeanette Y. Martin

Brand Based Leadership

Next class at The International Surfaces Event.

I believe to stay ahead in business you must be in a constant state of learning. Stay current, stay relevant and stay informed!

Mike Peterson Regional Publisher of Luxe + Design of host for this seminar.

Take a look at their website

In gratitude

Jeanette Y Martin

One week today!

One week and counting until I am in Vegas for #TISE also know as Surfaces! Learning more about the flooring business and how the suppliers, Manufacturers and trades are able to helpout with Habitat For Humanity of the Upper Fraser Valley Restores and build in Mission, BC.

Do you know of someone who has access inventory they want to donate for a tax receipt? And we PICK UP!

Thank you

Jeanette Y Martin

Building Materials Coordinator

Habitat For Humanity of the Upper Fraser Valley

Good Bye to Hello

CBC television has one of the most heartfelt shows on TV….have you seen it? Take a look at the link above and I dare you not to cry, laugh or smile.

There are times to say Good Bye to clients, situations or habits and when you do this allows you to be open to the next Hello.

Today I said a final good bye to my Dad and now I am open to live through all the memories, lessons and love this great man gave to me. He taught me one of the greatest lessons in business…

‘Without a Customer…You have nothing. Treat them like gold and you will be rich beyond your dreams!’ This is the foundation to MYBC Consulting. I am looking to 2017 to build my business with new connections, rekindle old relationships and take existing clients to places where their business has never been.

-In gratitude

Jeanette Y Martin