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Gratitude And Appreciation

Bringing Back Human Connection in Business

Gratitude & Appreciation SUMMIT.

Bringing Back Human Connection in Business

In a world of a chaotic communication, we need to make a change and bring the human connection back into our lives. As we move faster and faster in business and life, the necessity to make authentic connection with one another is more vital now than ever both virtually and in person. Through the act of Gratitude and Appreciation, this world may become a better one person at a time.

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Speakers Include Angus Reid, Diane Rolston, Cheryl Bishop, Brad Lovell & Julie Turner, Barb Wallick, Khloe Thompson, Nathan McTaggart, Adrian Starks, Karen Moraes, Rick O’Brien, and Charmaine Hammond.

What It's All About.

Where in your life do you need to step on the ‘G.A.S.’? Come take a ‘BRAKE!!’ connecting with inspirational speakers and business owners who use gratitude and appreciation in their lives.

Come spend a day and make ‘SHIFTS’ in your practice with yourself, business and others in your life.

Location & Date

APRIL 24th, 2021
This two hour online event will be both inspirational, impactful and an opportunity to show appreciation for a local non profit organization, Access Youth Services. There will be multiple speakers in the 2 hour event speaking on Gratitude and Appreciation.

The Story of G.A.S.

Why We Are Doing This, What is this all about?
Bringing people together in a common space to share ideas, skills and tools/resources at an authentic level of gratitude and appreciation with business, one another and self – to ‘L.I.F.T.’ one another up by attending ‘G.A.S.’