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Connections and Clients

The More Others Succeed, I Succeed

Non-Profit Connections

Gratitude and Appreciation Summit

Bringing people together in a common space to share ideas, skills and tools/resources at an authentic level of gratitude and appreciation with business, one another and self – to ‘L.I.F.T.’ one another up by attending ‘G.A.S.’

Weekend Fuelbag

Weekend Fuelbag gives children food every weekend, 52 weeks a year, to allow students to come to school healthy and ready to learn. By supporting Weekend Fuelbag you are enabling students to take control of circumstances they did not decide and allowing them to break the cycle of poverty.

Habitat For Humanity.


Though my position had ended, I arranged for donations from suppliers, manufacturers, business owners and homeowners for the Habitat for Humanity of the Upper Fraser Valley Restores in Abbotsford & Chilliwack, BC
I had increased my role with Habitat for Humanity, becoming an employee in January taking on the roll of “Building Materials Coordinator.” It was a pleasure!

Soroptomist International of the Langleys.

Improving the lives of Women and Girls

I have moved from 2 years being on the fundraising committee to now being on public awareness.

BC Floor Covering Association.

Raising the Standards of Excellence

We value this organization and what it stands for. We are renewing our membership, and I continue to support the association and its goals.

Junior Achievement BC – Be Entrepreneurial

Volunteer Facilitator

Securing traditional jobs is becoming increasingly difficult for youth. According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate for youth between the ages of 15 and 24 is more than double that of the overall Canadian unemployment rate.

In this challenging job market, entrepreneurs are the key to job growth. Many Canadian youth have the passion to launch their own businesses to create jobs for themselves and others. However, the skills that young people need to run businesses aren’t taught in most schools.

Connecting Products to Customers

JD Farms

Brand Ambassador

The Froese family invites you to visit the JD Farms Bistro & Store located in beautiful Langley, BC, where you will find a wide variety of turkey products, including homemade fresh and smoked JD Farms turkey sausages. These succulent sausages are made with fresh, skinless JD Farms turkey thigh meat and seasoned with a low sodium spice mix.

Brink & Campman

Sales Specialist

Creativity, craftsmanship and an eye for design are the ingredients with which Brink & Campman have manufactured high-quality carpets for decades. MYBC is thrilled to bring these products to Canada!
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Louis De Poortere

Sales Specialist

Creativity, craftsmanship and an eye for design are the ingredients with which Brink & Campman have manufactured high-quality carpets for decades. MYBC is thrilled to bring these products to Canada!
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Brockmann’s Chocolate

Their Story: “Chances are, you’ve seen us for years but have never put a name to the taste. You may have noticed us in fine foods retailers, hiding our impeccable taste behind an understated exterior. Well, we’re changing that. No more unassuming chocolate company for us – we’re here, like we have been for more than 80 years, and we’re making darn good chocolate. So if we’ve never officially met, let us introduce ourselves: we’re Brockmann’s Chocolates and we’re worth getting to know.”

Bolefloor & Curve8.


Excited to announce MYBC Consulting as been contracted to be the Architecture & Design Rep for Bolefloor & Curv8 European Hardwood Flooring and Exterior Decking. “Life in not a Straight Line!”
Bolefloor will now be offered in IDS (Interior Design) store in Toronto – this is the second time in Canada!
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Mubbles are juice-filled bubbles that explode in the mouth and release a flood of flavour!
Well-known thanks to Bubble Tea, Mubbles are now conquering new culinary horizons.
Mango, blueberry, strawberry or green apple Mubbles will satisfy your taste buds and expand your gastronomic possibilities.
Update: Mission Springs Brewing Company is now offering strawberry and mango Mubbles as part of their bellinis and the blueberry and strawberry Mubbles with their sangrias.
Roots and Wings Distillery in Langley is selling Mubbles as a cocktail garnish. You can find them here or call them at (604) 371-2268 for more information.
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Bubble Tea Go


Bubble Tea Go is proud to offer its customers the unique pleasure of being able to enjoy a delicious bubble tea in the comfort of your own home.
Starting now, you no longer need to leave your home to enjoy this tasty beverage, which is growing in popularity all over the world! Create your bubble tea with one of our many special sets.
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Nonna Pia’s Balsamic Reductions


Every bottle of Nonna Pia’s is at least six years in the making. Our ingredients travel thousands of miles from Modena, Italy to Whistler, BC, and finally, to your home!
The whole family then works together to bottle, label and cork each bottle and the result is a velvety, smooth robust balsamic reduction.
“You go above and beyond promoting your demos, and it is truly appreciated!!”
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Torill’s Table


“Our passion is to bring joy into people’s lives through food and connection. Food is love in action, which without words, speak loudly to the people it’s being prepared for. Taking time to be together and enjoy each other around the table, while sharing moments of joy with food in the middle, is what creates memories of love. It is something we need more now than ever.”
-Torill Myre

Roots and Wings Distillery

Outside Sales and Customer Engagement

Their charming family owned and operated micro distillery is based in the heart of the Fraser Valley, near Fort Langley. They welcome visitors to sample and purchase their fine spirits in the tasting room, as well as browse their vintage bar gift shop.

Connecting Concepts to Customers

Taya Docksteader

Social Media and Online Profile Management

Taya understands the needs of both the buyer and the seller – she doesn’t just sell homes, she changes lives. She is a one-stop real estate shop for all your home buying and selling needs in Langley, BC and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking to get more information about finding your dream home, or preparing to sell your home, look no further!
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Ethical Flooring


Ethical Flooring is a family run business. They want to ensure your experience with Ethical Flooring is one in which you are treated like family. They are also committed to ensuring all product selections in their showroom are not harmful in any way to you or your family.
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Restoration Hardwood


At Restoration Hardwood they do more than just sell quality, flooring products they are also experts in the field of floor Installation and hardwood floor refinishing. Combining quality products with phenomenal service results in a high-quality job that will last the lifetime of your home.
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Lunch & Learn – Wine Tours


When you break bread, you’re family. These wine tours are a fun and new way to learn: We travel to local establishments, discover new locations, and learn authentic relationship building techniques. MYBC Consulting aims to provide a fun day of business. Events will include different games, activities, and experiences. Each Lunch and Learn is unique from each other. It’s not something you want to miss!
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