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‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) Up’ System

Social Media… Utilize this System to Increase your Visibility

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Course Outline:

During this course you will learn how to make a social media profiles for your business on the following sites: Linked In, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You will come away with the understanding of each social media platform to gain information on the uniqueness of each. The key principle is to leverage new followers, connections and valuable information about your clients and how to turn this knowledge into leads thus into paying customers.

What is ‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) Up’?

The ‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) Up’ System is about visibility into credibility into profitability!  (Meeting your customer where THEY ARE!)

Linked In……..The modern day “White Pages” to your non profit. Do you know how to represent your organization and your group members in the global world? How to connect to other people and how bring this connection to reality?

Instagram…… The modern day “Report” for your non profit. How do you send out to the world what you are doing by pictures, word stories and videos? Gone are the day of calling the “media” to report on happenings for your organization ….You will come away in CHARGE of your visual story to been seen by others to create their perception is 1,000 words about your non profit.

Facebook….,,The modern day “Yellow Pages” for your nonprofit. How do you build trusted relationships? How do you a show gratitude for donations or a new member? After this session you will understand when others take “time” (the most valuable item we all have only second to data) to post about your nonprofit and how to convert this into a new super fan!

Twitter: The modern day “Newspaper Headline or Alert” about your nonprofit. Do you need to drive traffic to any of the above social media sites or to your website/blog? Are you wanting to start a trend? This social media site is your FIRST line of action…others globally use Twitter to communicate quick, insightful, intentional and attention grabbing posts connecting their vision and mission for their nonprofits. You will have to opportunity to grow your followers using this social media platform the fastest.

When L.I.F.T. is combined with Intentions, Networking and Google… You will bring the market to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS! Welcome to the “NEW NORMAL” of Marketing!


Get An Advantage With the L.I.F.T. System!
Within the course you will be given the L.I.F.T. tool on how to utilize the ‘gift’ of receiving a business card from a supplier, or from a networking event or trade show to gain VCP!

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