We all receive a blank infinite set of encyclopedias when we are born. How we write them is all up to you.
Today I am placing on the shelf three volumes to my set and I place them along side the others in the Gratitude & Appreciation section of my Life.
Thank you Mark M. West of Louis de Poortere and Brink and Campman for the privilege of being your Sales Specialist for the past year, Max Scarberry of Bolefloor for being your ‘ahead of the curve’ A&D for Canada, Thomas Foreman for welcoming me to the Board of Directors of BC Floor Covering Association over 4 years ago and to the Board of Directors and President Thalia Sieben I am honoured to have been part of change markers this industry deserves.
MYBC Consulting is writing the next chapters from ‘L.I.F.T.(I.N.G.) UP’ business owners with my social media training programs, to Brand Ambassadorships for local companies to penning a book titled “My Life in Pencil…how I erased to create space” and the speaker circuit.
I am incredibly grateful for this Life I have and everyone in it…you truly are appreciated and loved by me!
In kindness, Jeanette