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Customers are the lifeblood of any business. To respect our customers is to respect ourselves – our customers are the reason we do what we do, after all.


Without the business, we we cannot give back to the community, or help our customers. Our value to our customers and community is facilitated through our business.


The pillar of community is critical to both business and customers – we give back to the community and through that, all businesses and customers benefit and thrive.


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Local Lunch Tours

Share Amazing Experiences On The Road And Over Lunch
We travel to local establishments, discover new locations, and learn authentic relationship building techniques. MYBC Consulting aims to provide a fun day of business.

A Day To Remember.


MYBC Consulting has always been about innovating in familiar spaces, collaborating over things you love doing, and sharing joy wherever it may be found. When we developed these Lunch and Learns, we wanted to marry the love that people have for fun social outings, gourmet food and drink, and furthering the own sense of self worth through expanding horizons and learning new processes. We fill an entire 6 hours of bonding over food, drink, and activity with opportunities to learn and grow as a business owner and entrepreneur. While the specific theme may change, be it a tour of local vineyards or chocolate tours, the goal remains the same: spend a day practicing and learning business practices, and have fun doing it!

The result of the Lunch and Learn is three-fold. First, we learn more about our businesses and how to make them better. Second, we connect with the community through bonding with each other for 6 hours, as well as learning about the different businesses we visit. Third, we set ourselves up to connect with potential customers in a more meaningful way.

Events will include different games, activities, and experiences. Each Lunch and Learn is unique from each other. Seats are available at $150 a head, and it is first come, first serve.

You can see when/if we have an upcoming Lunch and Learn at our events page.

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We tour all over the lower mainland, and will enhance your business!
Events will include different games, activities, and experiences. Each Lunch and Learn is unique from each other. It’s not something you want to miss!