Learn by Doing! 

How do you like to learn a new skill?  Or trade? Or anything in life? 

As leaders in our industries it is our responsibility to adapt to our customers learning style in buying from you. Do they like to LISTEN to how your product or service work, do they like to SEE or READ how your products or services work or if they are like me and like to PHYSICALLY feel or touch how the product or service is made? 

MYBC Consulting offers within their innovative approach to Relationship Selling a 10 Step process you will use to determine which learning style your client’s uses before they purchase. 

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Jeanette Y Martin 

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Note: Hardwood flooring in the picture is handscraped (truly by hand!) Vintage Hardwood Flooring Northern Solid Sawn.


Collaboration, Celebration & Christmas  

Habit for Humanity of the Upper Fraser Valley annual Christmas Party was last night at Bow and Stern restaurant in Abbotsford, BC. This party brought together the teams from the Abbotsford and Chilliwack Restores, the volunteers, the Board of Directors and new Collaborative partners for an evening of celebration, congratulations and Christmas themed games. 

The highlight of the evening was the speeches by CEO Doug Rempel, GM Paul Redekopp and Assistant Mgr JT wishing Sylia a happy retirement and giving thanks to her over 12 years of service with the ReStore in Abbotsford. 

MYBC Consulting was welcomed into this organization last night and we look forward to assisting the Board of Directors with their Dream of a 100 homes for 2017!!

Are you with Us?

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

Habitatforhumanity Upper Fraser Valley

Building Homes! Building Hope! 

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Time to drop a few hints on MYBC Consulting partnership with Habitat For Humanity of the Upper Fraser Valley. 

We have been contracted to contact Builders, Contractors, Renovators, Developers, Manufacturers and Home Owners to source donations for the Restore in Abbotsford & Chilliwack and products for their Habitat for Humanity Homes. What an Opportunity!!! 

Are you interested in partnering with MYBC Consulting to Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle and Reduce building materials from your Contruction or Projects sites, your warehouses, your place of businesses or even your personal homes? 

Join me as together we…Change the Industry… One Family at a Time! 

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Jeanette Y Martin 

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Contextual Marketing Tours…

What do you want to know about your customers?
What do you want your customers to know about your business? 

What does the spectacular Fraser Valley Breweries, Campbell Valley Wine Route, Mt. Lehman Wineries and the gourmet lunch hidden places of JD Farms Bistro and Tanglebank Gardens Brambles Bistro have to do with Contextual Marketing Tours? 

Soon to launch the most innovative mobile Lunch & Learn Program. The tour where we put you in the “Drivers” seat!!!

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

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Snow Day…Plan Day

What do you do when your business is faced with a Snow Day? A day where your employees may not be able to make it in, a day where customers may not cross your threshold or a day you are not able to get your deliveries out…you PLAN…you GOAL set…you FOLLOW-UP! Your business has just been given by Mother Nature a Snow Day! 

MYBC Consulting is busily working on the program Selling Authentically, the contract with Habitat for Humanity of the Upper Fraser Valley, and the Contextual Marketing Tours. 

How are you using your Snow Day? 

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

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IQ + EQ + RQ = HQ

MYBC Consulting was formed with this mathematical letter equation practised over, over and over in building my business. If one is missing SUCCESS is hard to achieve for a company or for a professional salesperson. 

Intelligence Quotient plus

Emotional Quotient plus

Relationship Quotient equals your

Human Qualities to your clients and customers! 

Selling Authentically…. We cover from how to approach your clients with their interests first all the way through to keeping the relationship relevant. 

Interested? Leave me a comment and you will be added to the list. 

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin

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