Changing the Industry… One Family at a Time!

Become Part of the Family Today!

Changing the Industry… One Family at a Time!

Become Part of the Family Today!


Customers are the lifeblood of any business. To respect our customers is to respect ourselves – our customers are the reason we do what we do, after all.

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Without the business, we we cannot give back to the community, or help our customers. Our value to our customers and community is facilitated through our business.

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The pillar of community is critical to both business and customers – we give back to the community and through that, all businesses and customers benefit and thrive.

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Anatomy Of A Logo

Who we are and what makes us tick

Three Mountains

These mountains signify how we connect Your Business to Your Customer to Our Community.

Upwards Line

Our business journey starts on this road - we will walk along it together with all of its twists and curves.

Two Lines Together

We will walk this road together, side by side; starting near the bottom and working our way up.

Blue Water

The flowing water signifies that we are in constant motion, able to adapt to all circumstances.

Border Around

This is all encompassing and done so with Love, Respect and Loyalty, building authentic relationships.

White Space

There are opportunities to grow and fill this space with what is meaningful to each person.

Jeanette Comes highly recommended by her clients. I have been dealing with her for some time now and I truly appreciate her attention to detail, and how she provides the “wow factor” in everything she does. She listens, assess, and tackles the job at hand! I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to be dazzled!

Allan Sieben

Account Sales Mgr.

MYBC Consulting harnesses your key differentiators to promote your business in new, innovative ways.

We are MYBC Consulting.


Making Your Business Count

We promote your business to key industry influencers and people who are waiting to love your products and services.

Motivating Your Business Colleagues

We help businesses motivate their teams through unique training programs and personalized customer service.


Maintaining Your Best Customers

We let your customers know what you’re up to and how your services continue to benefit them.

Minding Your Best Connections

We maintain and strengthen your industry connections to promote valuable business relationships.


MYBC News and Musings

One week today!

One week and counting until I am in Vegas for #TISE also know as Surfaces! Learning more about the flooring business and how the suppliers, Manufacturers and trades are able to helpout with Habitat For Humanity of the Upper Fraser Valley Restores and build in Mission,...

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Good Bye to Hello CBC television has one of the most heartfelt shows on TV….have you seen it? Take a look at the link above and I dare you not to cry, laugh or smile. There are times to say Good Bye to clients, situations or habits and when you do...

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Changing the Industry…
One Family at a Time!

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