4 things in life that are the most valuable:

We all need water – the planet needs water – to survive. How cool would it be that when you met a customer, friend, someone on the street, and you gave them a bottle of water, that’s their basic need for life.

Human Interaction.
We need to see smiling faces, and crying babies, for us to see the energy from the world around us … can you imagine giving someone a smile, how good the world would be?

I happen to know my birth date, I never want to know my death date. How do I exchange my precious time with my business, community, and friends, to add value to their lives. This is why my tagline is “Changing the industry … one family at a time” is because it starts with family, whatever your definition of family is.

When it relates to friendships… how does your friend like to be hugged? How do they like their cup of coffee? How does your customer like to be communicated with? How does the world like to be treated, with what you know, and how you can effect change. All the rest of life’s “things”, like oil, platinum, plutonium… they really don’t matter.

God made us of matter… so we can matter to someone else in the world.