Making Real Connections 

I was at the event last night ‘Dinner Party Fundraiser…A Party with a Purpose!’ presented by Clayton TRBN & ThinkGenerously Society because it popped up on events on facebook. I am in the process of marketing my new business to my sphere contacts, some of who were going to be there, and to find new people to add to my list of trusted businesses. Allow me to introduce you to the following industry and building leaders which have been added to my referral partner list.

Bookkeeping Services:

Rheanew Business Solutions

Owner: Sharon Newbery

Divorce & Custody Consulting

Consultant: Susie Brown

Retail Therapy Tours & Vanilla Clothing

Owner: Dena 604 371-0071

Registered Education Saving Plan Specialist

Specialist: Petra Marinkovic

Real Estate Agent

Agent: Natalie Crawford

What industry leader may I connect you too? It’s what I DO!

Leave a comment, message me or call and let’s talk.

In gratitude

Jeanette Y Martin

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Special thanks to  for hosting and all the great work you do for families in need and S+L with Master Chef David Jorge for the amazing dinner