One week today! 

​One week and counting until I am in Vegas for #TISE also know as Surfaces! Learning more about the flooring business and how the suppliers, Manufacturers and trades are able to helpout with Habitat For Humanity of the Upper Fraser Valley Restores and build in Mission, BC. 

Do you know of someone who has access inventory they want to donate for a tax receipt?  And we PICK UP! 

Thank you

Jeanette Y Martin 

Building Materials Coordinator 

Habitat For Humanity of the Upper Fraser Valley 

Good Bye to Hello

CBC television has one of the most heartfelt shows on TV….have you seen it? Take a look at the link above and I dare you not to cry, laugh or smile. 

There are times to say Good Bye to clients, situations or habits and when you do this allows you to be open to the next Hello. 

Today I said a final good bye to my Dad and now I am open to live through all the memories, lessons and love this great man gave to me. He taught me one of the greatest lessons in business…

‘Without a Customer…You have nothing. Treat them like gold and you will be rich beyond your dreams!’ This is the foundation to MYBC Consulting. I am looking to 2017 to build my business with new connections, rekindle old relationships and take existing clients to places where their business has never been. 

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

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Learn by Doing! 

How do you like to learn a new skill?  Or trade? Or anything in life? 

As leaders in our industries it is our responsibility to adapt to our customers learning style in buying from you. Do they like to LISTEN to how your product or service work, do they like to SEE or READ how your products or services work or if they are like me and like to PHYSICALLY feel or touch how the product or service is made? 

MYBC Consulting offers within their innovative approach to Relationship Selling a 10 Step process you will use to determine which learning style your client’s uses before they purchase. 

Interested leave me a comment! 

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

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Note: Hardwood flooring in the picture is handscraped (truly by hand!) Vintage Hardwood Flooring Northern Solid Sawn.

Collaboration, Celebration & Christmas  

Habit for Humanity of the Upper Fraser Valley annual Christmas Party was last night at Bow and Stern restaurant in Abbotsford, BC. This party brought together the teams from the Abbotsford and Chilliwack Restores, the volunteers, the Board of Directors and new Collaborative partners for an evening of celebration, congratulations and Christmas themed games. 

The highlight of the evening was the speeches by CEO Doug Rempel, GM Paul Redekopp and Assistant Mgr JT wishing Sylia a happy retirement and giving thanks to her over 12 years of service with the ReStore in Abbotsford. 

MYBC Consulting was welcomed into this organization last night and we look forward to assisting the Board of Directors with their Dream of a 100 homes for 2017!!

Are you with Us?

-In gratitude 

Jeanette Y Martin 

Habitatforhumanity Upper Fraser Valley

Building Homes! Building Hope!