The messages that we receive make all the difference to us. Thank you for reaching out!!

Hi Jeanette! We both are part of Teri Hollands FB group. For some reason I felt the need to check out your website and what you do after I had commented on your post 🙂 I never just randomly view every person’s website I talk to on FB. But I wanted to check yours for some reason lol. First, your website is very clean and easy to read! I loved it. When I started to see your writing about customer relationships and how valuable customers are as try help us build our business. I saw me in your writing!! I took a Customer Experience Management course last year and it really was meant for me. I get told all the time how good I am with customers and have customers and clients thanking me for how I treated them. Reason I am writing to you is I finally found someone that actually writes about the importance of customers. People are just so quick to get to the sale without taking the time to build the relationship, fact find, etc. I am going to start building my blog on this topic alone. Customer journey mapping, etc. PS…your FB page is great too having actual pics of people and not just graphics. I would love to keep in contact with you as I know you have inspired me just in 5 minutes lol. Sorry for the long message! Kerri

Hi Kerri! 😀 thank you for your long message….much like you build a relationship …one true and authentic takes time. Within this time the value is built for a lifetime! And here is a lesson for you…”never say ‘sorry’ unless you truly made a mistake where you learned a lesson afterwards. Instead come with ‘thank you for reading my long message’ this gives the reader the opportunity to feel your gratitude in your words and give the same opportunity to say you are welcome. In this welcome response provides you the permission to keep contact with me. This is all about the gratitude economy exchange time for increased value… you will see this subject on my website soon 😀 and awesauce you GET customer service as a professional path….best ever when are of service to others in kindness Jeanette