In school these days there are ribbons given out just for participating in a sport or a science fair or school function. I often wonder why schools do this… does it motivate the student to attend or does it do something for their self esteem?

Now as an adult if you just participate in your life’s work without layering on the ‘showing-up’ portion good luck in achieving your goals.

Showing-up goes beyond the job description, showing-up is doing something out of the ordinary for your client, showing-up is knowing why you chose to become whatever you are in business or life. No-one gives you a ribbon, or medal or certificate when you show-up…what YOU ARE GIVEN is RESPECT!

Everyday be the ‘present’ for the people you meet by wrapping yourself in ‘show’ and you will be rewarded by how your sells, client base and life experiences go UP!

Yours in gratitude

Jeanette Y. Martin