Business never sleeps, someone somewhere always needs something. Our challenge as business owners is to know when to be ‘open’ for business….nobody wants to miss a sale.

However, you need a break, a rest a recharge of your batteries. You deserve it!

Practice the rule of 24/48/72….this will save your sanity, your business and your weekend.

The follow-up rules:

24 hours to acknowledge an email or phone call… why it respects the persons time.

48 hours to set up a plan of action, be it an appointment or solution to the issue brought you.

Finally… 72 hours EVERYTHING has been dealt with…client happy and you are able to move on with business.

Note I said ‘practice’ at times business falls away from the rules…but you will have a plan in place to follow-up in Our 24/7/365 World!

In gratitude

Jeanette Y Martin