Today is Black Friday… the day retailers “hope” to sell a large quantity of goods at low prices to put their ledger books is the black. Who came up with this concept that racing to the bottom with low prices will land you on top? It always baffles me when my clients want the lowest price BUT expect the highest quality…where I went to school this math doesn’t add up.

Somewhere part of the transaction is going to suffer in quality, or suffer in misunderstanding or suffer in not meeting the clients expectations…it has to!

My thoughts are more geared to ‘Return It Tuesday’! A made up term I coined today because when you truly look at your purchases over the weekend regrets set in due to your NEEDS weren’t met…you bought based on a WANT!

Take back control of your purchases by only dealing with a professional, knowledgeable, and trusted sales person whose core responsibility to satisfy YOUR expectations.

-In gratitude

Jeanette Y Martin